Standing for election to Labour's NEC

Let me know I have your support:


I am standing for election to the NEC as part of a team of nine seeking greater regional representation within the NEC.


Despite the gains made in 2017, we experienced losses within our traditional heartlands, and many Labour MPs’ majorities were drastically reduced.


When sampling at the General Election count, I was horrified to discover that on council estates like mine, many people voted Tory, despite them having caused the personal crises that those same residents are confronted with every day.


If we are to win the next General Election, whenever it is called, we need to understand why this happened, but there are voices within the party that aren’t being heard simply because they don’t have a place in the room where the discussions are taking place.


If I am elected, I will be a strong advocate for our traditional core voters, as well as for Labour members.



Please let me know how best you could help my campaign...